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Law Office of Ganesh N. Viswanathan


We all make mistakes and sometimes the legal consequences for such innocuous and unintended acts could have a serious impact on our future when it comes to the law. No one realizes how crucial it is to select the correct attorney to represent you adequately and how the life-long irreversible, consequences the selection of a proper attorney could have. If you have been charged with a crime, turn to an experienced lawyer, who can think through your future and act accordingly, now. Our team would diligently work with you to ensure that your future remains full of the same potential at every legal turn in the road.


At Ganesh N. Viswanathan Law Office, we understand how it is vitally important to your career, reputation and future. We strive to provide our clients in the New York City with a strong, highly persuasive defense and skillful negotiations with the prosecutors. We handle cases of domestic valance, both DWI and DUI, felonies or fraud. It is important to pick the right firm when faced with overwhelming legal issues. Our office will stand by you, work with you and protect you, no matter how complex your case is.