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We are a small law firm, with dedicated people, whose only passion and the primary goal is to make the lives of our clients better by fully protecting and tirelessly fighting for their interests. We provide a tailored-personalized service to our clients and work to protect their interests in every possible way. We are tireless and do not give up.

Our primary focus is to help and serve our clients as regards the concerns and issues that arise on a day-to-day basis to individuals and families - be it matrimonial or domestic disputes; real estate; will, trusts and estates; immigration, bankruptcy; and innocent acts committed that become criminal like DUI or possession.

We sit and hear your problems very carefully and patiently and then prepare our strategies that will best serve your interests, from the backdrop of our rich and varied experience.

We put ourselves in your situation and, therefore, are able to fight for the best of your interests.

Because, we tirelessly fight for the above issues in the various courts - New York State Supreme, Federal and other courts in the City of New York - on a daily basis and keep our litigation skills sharpened at all times, we are best equipped to handle any issues or problems that you or your family may face in the above areas.

We speak a variety of languages, including Eastern European and European, South Asian and Chinese.

We are conveniently located across Penn Station in the midtown New York.


Contact us at +1 (212) 359-9367 to speak with an attorney. We provide everyone with a free consultation!