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We offer our clients the combination of skill experience and dedication that our clients can rely on during times of real need. We are committed to helping people overcome the challenges they are facing.

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We have years of in-depth knowledge in the Matrimonial and Family Laws practice. We agresively represent our clients to their utmost satisfaction. Thus we can offer you best solutions to your legal issues.

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Our legal professionals have vast experience in the Family Laws practice and Immigration. Therefore, we can confidently assure you that no matter what type of case you bring us, we'll be able to represent you effectively.

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Highly Recommended New York Attorney

Our legal counsel is highly respected and sought out. Recently, our founding attorney, Ganesh N. Viswanathan, was asked to comment in an article on the issue of spousal support with regards to prenuptial agreements.

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Board Certified Family Law Specialists

As family law attorneys, we handle all aspects of divorce and family law in courtrooms throughout the New York State area.

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Family Law Practice Areas

Our Law Office specializes in Matrimonial Law with a focus on divorce (contested and uncontested), annulment, child custody, paternity, and support modifications. Our divorce attorneys have thorough understanding of the family court system and the challenges you will face.

Whether contested or uncontested divorce our attorneys will work with you to outline your divorce goals.
We help you resolve issues involving child custody, child support and visitation.
Married couples have a legal obligation to support one another, however spousal support may be waived in a divorce proceeding.
We prepare all sorts of legal agreements to protect your rights and personal interest.
Our Practice Areas


Our Law Office is a full-service law firm committed to providing you with the excellent professional knowledge and experience that you would need.

What people say?


  • H.S.

    From New York City

    I am a woman from the Caribbean Island and even though I have been living here for a number of years, I have had very little interaction with the court systems and litigation. A person who is from the same Islands, married me a decade and half ago, and we have a child.

  • E.A.

    Upstate New York

    I am from East Africa; where it is relatively quiet and peaceful. I came in 2011 on a student's visa. My visa expired and I overstayed. After a year, the DHS came and took me to Immigration detention and put me on 'removal proceedings.' My matter was transferred to New York City from Pennsylvania.

  • J.H.

    New York City

    I am a New York born and work with the City. As per the terms of the Judgment of divorce that I had obtained many years back, my ex-spouse was required to "buy-me" out of the joint matrimonial home we owned. Even after the time stipulated in the Judgment came by and went, my ex-spouse kept quiet, even though my name on the mortgage and deed existed.